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Proceedings of the 2008 China Conference on high end SMT
Source: original site      Release time:【2016-12-28】

Because of its many advantages, BGA packaging has been used more and more in electronic products in recent years. BGA rework station has become essential in the maintenance of BGA equipment.

The application of BGA rework equipment abroad earlier, mainly foreign brands BGA rework station are the United States OKI, PACE, Japan DIC, German ERSA, British PDR.

From the heating method of classification, can be divided into two categories, a kind of hot air as the main heating method, that is, in the upper and lower regions of the BGA hot air heating, PCB area with infrared heating, to prevent PCB deformation. The mode of heating the rework station are the United States OKI, PACE, Japan DIC.

Another kind of infrared heating. In the BGA region by infrared heating, the heating rework station are PDR and ERSA.

These two heating methods have their own advantages and disadvantages: hot air heating temperature uniformity is good, but the structure is more complex, different sizes of BGA requires different sizes of hot air nozzle. Infrared structure is simple, no nozzle fittings, but the temperature control is not good, for the larger BGA or thicker PCB, the welding effect is not ideal.

From the China market, sold to domestic and imported BGA rework station or in the air.

The performance of domestic BGA rework equipment increased rapidly in recent years, some performance exceeded the foreign brand.

Shenzhen Forestall Exact Equipment Co.,Ltd. in 2007 to the market of high-end machine RD5020, the use of computer control, three district heating mode (BGA area up and down hot air, PCB area with infrared heating). The temperature has reached the accuracy of plus or minus 1 DEG C, uniformity in the range of 3 DEG C, and imported brand machine is in optical alignment system and cooling than the foreign press.

In the processing of large size BGA images (25mm or more), the foreign machine is generally used to enlarge the software, image analysis, but this way is not clear, image distortion. Precision slide device for RD5020 optical alignment with before and after, left and right direction of mobile BGA, in relatively large size, the electronic zoom optical system of mobile BGA, can clearly see every place to live image, the image is clear, without distortion.

Foreign good BGA rework station, mount on the head, are generally used to control motor. The main control position has three points, one is the most accurate position of the two image points, one is the BGA posted on the location of the PCB, one is the heating point of the location. Foreign BGA rework station general use induction switch position to achieve the three position or by using the pressure sensor, the two methods are in use, are prone to failure.

RD5020 rework station using programming method (save distance parameter and the temperature parameters in the file, the file, the distance parameter into one control), stepper motor with precision ball screw and slide, positioning accuracy of 0.01mm, reduce the fault, high repetition accuracy.

System software, in addition to the curve test, password, parameters and other functions, but also on the welding quality of the more important parameters (such as air pressure, flow rate, the initial temperature of each slice, etc.) are detailed settings.

RD5020 BGA rework station in 2007 through the CE certification, has been sold to Italy, the United States, Turkey, India, Brazil and other countries, in computer motherboards, graphics and digital products have been widely used in maintenance, good customer response.

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