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Double Y automatic soldering machine
Product introduction

Double Y automatic soldering machine
Performance introduction:

1., solder joint array replication, parameter replication function
2., you can insert air blowing cleaning procedures in the program, and you can set the skip step
3., unique welding product name settings, call to find more intuitive
4. program single correction whole correction function, can realize the whole workpiece translation correction or partial point correction
5. step automatic positioning function to facilitate the production of the program
6. program storage capacity of up to 1000 groups, 999 points / group
7., with insert, delete function, convenient and quick modification and production program
8., user-friendly operation interface, dynamic display coordinates, welding cycle, production name, visual parameters settings
9. has the function of switching between Chinese and English
10. high, medium, low speed adjustment function

Scope of application:
Widely used for welding of various electronic components on the PCB board, such as capacitor, resistor, pin, cable, shielding cover insert;
Various types of electronic connectors, LED lamp posts and band, video and audio cord plugs, headphone cables, computer data cables, small circuit boards and small electronic components such as welding.

Automatic soldering machine parameter:


Friendship tips:
1, there is a risk of scalding, iron head high temperature, the metal parts near the higher temperature, in the replacement of the iron head or tune machine, should be closed heating power, until it is cooled to room temperature, and then replace the iron head or tune machine
2, do not use a soldering iron head way to remove the welding residual, so may seriously damaged the heating core, reduce the positioning accuracy. This machine with gas were removed.
3., the company specializes in customizing all kinds of automation equipment, domestic and export, you can go to the factory for trial, welcome to contact business negotiations

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