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Three axis servo + rotary automatic dispensing machine
Product introduction

Automatic dispensing machine (three axis servo + rotation)

1, use automatic dispensing system, dispensing speed, flow and other adjustable.

2. Servo motor is equipped with precision slide rail to ensure high speed and high consistency.

3, common graphics need not be taught, and can be directly input parameters.

4, Z axis with rotating mechanism.


ModelAJ331R自动点胶机(three axis servo + rotation)
Working voltageAC 220V
Total power1.0KW
Walking systemX/Y/Z shaft adopts ball screw.
Motor motorServo motor
X, Y, Z, R mobile range250*250*85mm;360 degrees Celsius
Maximum speed of movementXY:MAX 700mm/s; Z:MAX:500mm/s
Repetition precision±0.01mm
Programming modeTeaching box
Parameter group number99
Program points per group1000
Outline size (L*W*H)520*580*680mm
Total weight40KG


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